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    My LRW test was on 13th Oct. These were the topics:

    Speaking part 1:
    Where do you live?
    anything you don’t like about the place you live?
    Are you planning to Stay at the same place in future?
    Do you like tea or Coffee?
    When was the first time you had tea?
    In your country, what do you offer to the guests, tea or coffee?

    Cue Card Describe a photograph at your place, why is it you favourite?
    where was it taken.

    Do you think children should have art classes from the begining?
    What about adults?
    Advantages/disadvantages of taking picture from a mobile phone?
    Do people in your country consider photography as a profession?
    Can anyone become a photographer?

    Writing: Task 1:
    You have organised 90th b’day party of your relative and invited elderly guests also. It was a successful party. Write a letter to the hotel manager, to provide the feedback:
    When was the party
    Why was it successful?
    Talk about a staff member who was really helpful

    Writing Task2:
    Some people think that they can be bit by going to to gym, while other think that there are other better ways to remain fit.discuss both views along with your opinion. Provide relevant examples from your experience.

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