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    IELTS Canada March 24, 2018
    1. A person asks about job vacancies. filling the blanks
    2. do not remember. hard. multiple choice and other
    3. Two students talking about their assignment. Different types of questions.
    4. A speaker talking about …. Whatever, Very clear, slow and easy to understand. filling the blanks.
    1. Finding life in exo moons: table filling, true, false, Blanks, which para mention about this
    2. …??? who mention this,
    3. Taking brakes within work. This was a huge passage but did not contain any difficult words. easy to understand: multiple choice, matching sentence to the person did it
    House prices in three international cities. Line graph.
    Because of the computers and mobiles, letter-writing ability disappears. To what extent do you agree?
    I made a huge mistake here. I wrote about writing letters, not about letter writing. When I recognized it, no time to correct.
    part 1
    Where do you live?
    Why do you think it is easy or hard to live there? Why?
    About boats as a transportation way. 2/3 questions
    Do you like to have a vacation on a boat?
    Do you like to own a boat?
    Do you think it is good to be on time? Why?
    What do you do to be on time?
    part 2
    describe a thing you bought recently.
    Where did you buy it?
    Who was with you?
    How do you use it?
    * Do you recommend someone to buy it?
    Part 3
    About new and old technologies.
    Do you think it is harmful to people to use all new technological things..(long question. do not remember) and one more question.??

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