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    finished my GT test a hour ago.
    Speaking test was yesterday:
    Full name
    Working or student
    What do you enjoy about your work
    Part 2: party you attended. Why it was organised. Who attended. What do you like about it most.
    Part 3: wide range of questions. From festivals in your country, do you watch sky, best view of sky, commercialisation of festivals , events. Do you think there is an increase in the number of events to celebrate. This is from what I Can recollect.

    Task 1:
    Letter to an organiser about the hotel you stayed who booked the hotel for you.
    Meeting details
    What you didn’t like about the hotel.
    What you want organiser to do.

    Task 2:
    Why some people buy new fones, desktop or technology(latest devices).
    What is good or bad about it.

    Tips for all future test takers
    For me listening was bit difficult as the speed of test was faster than the audio i practiced. Reading was a cake walk.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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