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    Date: 6th Jan 2018
    Location: Canada
    Type: General
    Here are my 2 cents!!
    Part I:
    General questions like, what’s your full name?, where are you from?, Talk about your city/hometown? What do you like about it?
    Does your study/work involve use of computer/internet?
    When did you first learn to use internet?
    Do you think, we rely on computers and internet a lot lately? How?
    Do you think the use of internet/computers change in the future?
    how? will it increase or decrease?
    Do you like eating from outside?
    How have your eating habits changed from childhood?
    Around what time do you have your meals in a day?
    Part 2:
    Talk about a situation where you helped someone recently.
    Whom did you help?
    How did you help them?
    How did you feel after your helped them?
    Part 3:
    Do you think, people should help each other more often?
    Why is helping each other important?
    How do people in your community help each other?
    Should we encourage children to help others? Why? How?
    How should organizations raise funds?(The best methods to do so…..)
    local organizations raising funds v/s large organizations. (I was asked to compare them and discuss why the local one’s are less popular or whether local organizations are less effective?)
    How can local organizations improve to raise funds?
    Task I: You recently moved in to your new apartment, write a letter to your landlord about:
    issues you are facing.
    how it affects you
    what do you expect him to do about it?
    Task II: Discuss both sides: Teenagers should be encouraged to work part-time. State your opinion.
    Thanks once again….
    All the best to everyone taking IELTS test…

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