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    27 Jan – General – CBT
    Speaking Topic
    Part 1
    About where u live
    About drinks
    Part 2
    Topic for me
    Talk about a old person you have met?
    Topic for my fellow candidate
    Talk about sense of humour?(looks very uncommon topic)
    Topic for another fellow candidate
    Talk about something u bought and have not used?

    Last passage was tricky
    They gave 11 paragrpahs, with 6 questions for paragraph identification 4 fill in blanks 3 choose the correct option, which was mamoth amount of info and tricky part was they wanted to trace paras containing info rather than naming the paragraph which means u need to have complete overview of passage. I have wasted 10 min just to have an overview and another 20 min finding info for the complete section 3. I was lucky bcz i was quickly able to finish section 1 and 2 in 30 min.
    My suggestion would be as quick as you can in section 1 and 2 which will help in section 3.

    Writing task -1
    U work as part time and you are attending a course and your manager offered you full time and asked to leave the course.
    Write a letter about your decision on job offer.
    How u feel about the job ?( confused me whether about current part time or future full time)
    Tell about u r decision
    Explain reasons of u r decision

    Task – 2
    Some young people are leaving countryside to live in cities and towns, leaving only old people in countryside?
    What are the problems of this issue?
    What can be done to solve this problem?
    Thesis:- while there are some drawbacks to issue, which can be a addressed by young people leaving their counties.
    Bp- tp -1:- old people are effected emotionally.
    in villages people are more connected with each other and support each other.
    If young people leave they are disconnected and there will be no one to support them in later stages of their life.
    Bp 2:- this can be solved by young people planning their vacations to their original homes.
    Adults should plan their vacation to live with old people so that old people are motivated by their children’s regular visits.
    Although life in city is fast paced and could not visit their home, they should stay connected by regularly discussinf about their family well being and discussing with them.
    Final concl- there are issues, young peopel shoulf stay in contact with their elderly family memebers.

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