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    I took IELTS on 17 Jan 2019.
    Speaking task 1:
    Do I work or study?
    Where do I work/study?
    Is it the best place to work/study?
    What changes can they make?
    (part 1 was recurring)
    Speaking task 2:
    A time I had to ask someone for advice regarding a decision.
    Speaking part 3:
    questions about decisions of national importance and things like that (except for part 2 and sometimes part 1, other parts tend not to recur, so don’t waste time thinking about these, just prepare naturally)

    Writing (Although I’m sure they change it)
    task 1: 2 pie chart for 2 different years (percentages of attendees in training center courses)
    task 2: some people think people are responsible for a solution to pollution made by transportation and others think governments are. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    Again, guys it would be pointless to prepare for these except for speaking part 2 and sometimes part 1. Just work on your English and IELTS techniques.

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