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    Writing 1: The table about the income and expenditures of Southoe Hall, rooms for hiring over the period of three years
    Writing 2: All fathers should be entitled to the time off from work when their children are born. What is your opinion?
    Reading 1-text: Text about first telegraph and Morse code (true/false/ng + fill the gaps)
    Reading 2-text: Bizen ware (Japanese pottery) (headings/yes/no/ng +fill the gaps)
    Reading 3-text: Dinosaurs (why some species are so big and reasons for their death – presented various theories of scientists) / yes/no/ multiple choice/ fill the gaps with words from box)
    Speaking: 1 – Name (meaning)/Traditions in the country when name is given/Why this name/ How popular this name is in your country/Popular names in your country/Why did you choose this subject for studying/
    Speaking: 2 – Describe an interesting place in your country that few tourist visit.
    Speaking: 3 – Impact of tourism on the environment (littering)/Why tourists behave so badly when travelling/ What is the main attraction for tourists: freedom from the law in their motherland or other tradition/culture.

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