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    Hi all,
    i had speaking module and i would like to share some questions which i remember.
    Academic 28/11/2018 malabar palace calicut kerala
    After Name nd work directly entered to work related questions.didnt ask where u are from!!
    Why did you choose that working place
    Where you happy with ur working environment
    Do you recommend any improvement in your working place
    Is your daily routines are similar everday
    Has there any changes in ur routine between past and present
    Do you plan to do any changes in your routine in future
    Part 2
    About a complaint that u made nd got a good result
    along with this she asked are u person who complaint a lot
    Do younger people complaint a lot or older people
    What do u think
    Part 3
    what do you think people complaint a lot
    How they are complaing
    Do companies give importance to consumers complaint
    Should companies learn from the consumers complaining
    What do you think about person to person complaint nd written complaint
    LRW ON december 1st .hope for the best.

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