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    here are the questions I was asked today
    General IELTS,
    Speaking Test,
    Cairo – 10th Nov 2017;
    Part 1;
    – Tell me your full name please.
    – Where do you come from?
    – Do you live in a flat or an apartment ?
    – What type of building would you prefer to live in ?
    – Who is your favorite pop star ?
    – Why?
    – Have you ever met a pop star in person ?
    – Would you like to be a pop star ?
    – Why?
    – What type of fruit do you like?
    – Why?
    – What type of fruit did you like as ac child ?
    – Why ?
    – Why do you think that fruit is helpful to your body ?
    Part 2;
    – Talk about a website that you use.
    – What does it do?
    – Why is it useful?
    – How easy is it to use?
    – Do you recommend it to other friends?
    Part 3;
    – Do you think the internet can be helpful in children education?
    – What is the difference between the internet and ordinary TV educational programs?
    – Do you think it could replace the teacher for the children?
    – What do you think most people use the internet for?
    That’s as far as I could remember
    Thanks again for the support, I hope this helps others as much as other comments helped me. Wish me luck in tomorrow’s tests.

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