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    It’s me Asmaa, Software Engineer. I’d like to share my exam questions. I also encourage others to do the same for the sake of our all benefit.
    Track: GT.
    Location: Cairo, Egypt.
    Date: 23rd and 24th March, 2018.
    First Part:
    What is your full name?
    What shall I call you?
    May I see your ID?
    What is the distance between where you live till the exam center?
    What do you like about the place you are living in?
    Have you ever had a part time or a full time job? What?
    Do you like your job? Why?
    What profession you wanted to be when you were young? Why?
    In your country, which profession gives status to people working in? Why?
    When do people give presents?
    What is the last time you received a present? Did you like it? Why?
    Have you ever received a present you did not like? What? Why?
    Are you good at choosing presents? Why?
    Second Part (Cur Card):
    Talk about a popular person you know.
    How did you know him/her?
    What did he do?
    Third Part:
    What do make children more popular than other? Why?
    Are they popular for good or for bad?
    Do children like popular teachers? Why?
    What type of celebrities is there in your country?
    Do you think celebrities are happy? Why?
    What makes some popular people stay longer time more popular than others?
    1. You left your papers in a taxi, write a letter to the manager of the taxi’s company. Including,
    • What are the details of the journey?
    • Why are these papers important?
    • What can he do?
    2. Some people prefer to plan activities for their free time very carefully. Others disagree.
    Discuss both views, and give you opinion.
    Regarding the essay question, I did write the introduction paragraph where I stated my opinion, 2 body paragraphs, one for each view, and last paragraph where for the conclusion. so I didn’t write a special paragraph for my opinion, actually there were not space left! Do you think, would that be Ok??!

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