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    I had the speaking exam 3 hours ago
    I was pretty anxious that i couldnt focus on using idioms or cohesive devices. I was fluent thnx god but unfortunately surprised by the cue card question.
    I hope i can get my aimed band score .
    Cairo , egypt
    Full name , work, training to get this work, future plans in my career.
    Leisure time , how often i have and what i do in.
    How i used to go to my work and how much time does it take to reach it.
    Cue card ,
    Traditional product that i bought.
    What is this
    How it was made
    How it look like
    And what i like the most about it
    3rd part ,
    What is the importance of learning about our traditions and history?
    Where the traditions should be learnt abot .. home or school. ?
    Is it the responsibility of the government to maintain Traditions, how?
    How globalization affects traditions in which way .

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