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    5 May 2018
    Brisbane Australia
    Task 1
    Write a letter to manager of a TV Company who is planning to make a programme on one of your known place.
    1. How do you know about that place?
    2. Give a suggestion for his TV programme.
    3. Why do you find that place interesting?
    People spend too much on family celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.
    What are importance of these celebrations?
    Do you think people really spend too much?
    Reading was easy
    Passage 1: Bus transport in area called Cornwall
    Passage 2: Bike ride learning courses
    Passage 3: Employees training programs
    Passage 4: History of Calculator
    Listening was also very easy
    Part 1: Booking for a family tour through phone conversation ( fill in the blanks)
    Part 2: Women giving lecture on bike riding event for charity( small multiple choice with three options including only 1-4 words)
    Part 3: Two students discussing about their lectures and resources( multiple choice choosing 2 options from each question), and about 4 female personalities to work on project( matching type)
    Part 4: Life of Turtles ( fill in the blanks in sentences)

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