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    Speaking Test
    Brisbane Australia
    3 May 2018
    General Training
    Where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do at your work?
    How was your first day at job?
    What entertainment activities are available for children in your country?
    Do children get bored with same activities? Why?
    Is it difficult for parents to find new activities?
    Do you like plants in your house? Why?
    Did you look after any plant when you were younger?
    Plants can be a good gift to you or not? Why?
    Cue Card: A comic actor who is popular in your country
    Who is he?
    What type of person he is?
    How you come to know about him?
    Why he is popular?
    Are your family members and friends like this actor?
    Why film personalities are famous?
    Do you think youngsters try to Copy film stars?
    What are benefits and drawbacks of it?
    Are famous personalities rich in your country?
    How they spend their money?
    Do you think they spend money wisely?
    Why children love to visit circus?
    Do people get chance to meet famous personalities in your country?
    I have forgotten rest of them……

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