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    I took my oral test today, May 11th. In Brazil.
    All of the questions I got was here in this part of the website. Practicing only with them made me answer all the questions promptly, without thinking too much before start talking. The ideas came really fast. I only struggled with some follow up questions she did. She asked too much WHY, and for some of the answers I didn’t have a clear reason on my mind.
    The questions were:
    – What do you do? Study or Work?
    – Why did you choose that job?
    – How was your first day at work?
    Let’s talk about food..
    – Do you as a children enjoyed eating foreign food?
    – Do you think people in your country like to eat foreign food?
    – How have it changed in the recent years?
    – Have you tried an unusual food in the recent days?
    PART II : Describe a website you visit frequently.
    – Who told you about the website?
    – Why do you think it is useful.
    – Would you recommend this website to someone?
    (I stopped talking before the time so she asked me about the interface of the website)
    PART III: It was about the Internet.
    – How can Internet be helpful for Education.
    – How Internet changed our lives.
    – How online courses are different from face-to-face courses?
    – Will teachers be replaced by computers?
    – Will e-books replace libraries?
    – Do you think people buy more e-books than books?
    (now I don’t remember if those questions about book were in part one or three).

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