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    Hi, I had my Speaking test for the academic IELTS today 25/10/2017 in Benin city, Nigeria.
    Part 1
    What’s my name
    Where I’m from
    Are you a student/graduate
    What do you think about Volunteering
    Why do you volunteer
    Do you see yourself volunteering in the near future
    Do you read magazines and why
    Do you think older people prefer blogs or magazines
    Are you friendly with your neighbors and why
    Do you prefer a younger or older neighbor
    Do you feel comfortable asking for help from a a mean neighbor
    Cue card
    Describe an event when you arrived early
    1. Where and when
    2. Why did you arrive early
    3. How did it feel arriving early
    Then I was asked a follow-up question as regards to being punctual
    Part 3
    Why do you think is necessary to be punctual
    Is better to be punctual to work or an outing with friends
    Why do you think people are generally not punctual
    What’s the relationship between time management and technology
    What do you think can be done by the society for technology not to influence our time in general

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