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    Speaking-GT, 1.3.2018, Bengaluru, India
    Part-1 :
    Do you work?
    Do you have friends at workplace?
    Do you use phone frequently?
    Why is phone is popularly used now a days?
    What mobile apps do you use?
    Which mobile apps are generally famous?
    What is your Dream holiday plan?
    Whom would you like to go with?
    Where do you plan to go?
    What would you do there?
    Do you often travel by plane?
    What are different types of vacations?
    What stuff do you need to carry for your vacations?
    How do you plan your vacation? is it important to have a plan?
    Some people believe that spending more money makes good vacation, do you agree?
    What do you think about having a holiday at home and going out for a holiday?
    Is it important to learn about the culture of the place you are about to travel? why?

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