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    Hi All,
    Just finished IDP IELTS L-R-W exam 2 hours ago here in Bengaluru, India. Results will be declared on 13th day from today.
    Section-1: Inquiry about buying a house from a real estate agency.
    Section-2: Monologue on ‘Moa’ birds extinction.
    Section-3: Discussion over a historic place, its prominence and recognition.
    Section-4: History of Bicycles (phase wise from early 1820s until 20th century commencement)
    Section-1: Cognitive studies on the behavioral intelligence of animals
    Section-2: Matching the toy kits of different descriptions.
    Section-3: Fire accident prevention mechanism – A case study.
    Task-1: Write a letter to your friend with whom you had a holiday recently. Discuss about the pictures you both have taken and the problem with the pictures you have. Ask him for the pictures explaining how important they are for you and request them from him.
    Task-2: Disposing wastes on street roads has been a common problem at the countryside these days. What are your views on it? Provide some details on how to prevent it by giving examples for the topics covered.
    Am yet to attend the Speaking test, scheduled a later tomorrow.
    Hope the above details be of help for others in future to prepare themselves.

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