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    Hi All,
    I am done with speaking test on 8th January in Bangalore,india
    – what is your full name
    – do u work or study?
    – do u like your work?
    – what u do if u need improvements in your work?
    – how is your work environment?
    – how often u go office?by bus or private vehicle?
    -have u used any other transportation ?
    – in college or school how did u go?
    Task 2 :-
    Describer a subject which u didn’t like at school but now u are interested in
    – which subject it is?
    -how long u studied that subject?
    -why u didn’t like before?
    – any other subject u dont like?why?
    – any subject u like?
    Task 3:-
    -Effect of television. Advantages and disadvantages
    -who is responsible for good study and interesting subject,parents or teachers? how?
    – is it good to use computer for school students? Why?
    – how technology helps to get information?
    -how technology changed compare to few years back?
    -Getting information from internet and getting information from old age people,which one is best?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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