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    I just now finished my Speaking Test in Bangalore on 15th November, Following are the questions i was asked by the examiner.
    1. Where are you from?
    2.Do you live in house or Apartment ? Why ?
    3.In future will you change your house?
    4.Which place you like the most in your house?
    5.In your childhood did eat different country food?
    6. In your country do you think people will eat more other country food in future?
    7.Do you get other country food in the place where you live now? If so where do you get it?
    Cue Card :
    How your first Mobile phone has changed your life ?
    who got you first?
    when it was ?
    How it has changed your differently then before ?
    Questions followed by Cue card :
    1.Do you think parents should be given mobile phones to children, if so at what age?
    2.What is the age Children should own a mobile phone?
    3 what are the advantages of having a mobile phone for a Teenager?
    4. Do all age groups use mobile phone for a same purpose?
    5. Is it important for all age group to have mobile phones, what impact it has on all age groups.
    6.Is there any disadvantages in using mobile phones for all age group? If so what are they?
    7.Has technology reduced the frequency of travelling for any business purpose, Like using Skype calls and skype video calls?
    Hope this questions will help someone in their IELTS Speaking test.
    Will update my results soon after it is out..

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