IELTS Exam – Bangalore India – May 31 2017

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    Hello Atul,Greetings, below are the speaking test details. LRW is on 3rd June.
    Test Type: GT (Speaking)
    Date: 31 May
    Location: Bangalore (India)
    Part-1: Yourself / Work / Magazines
    Tell me your full name please? What should I call you?
    Do you Study or Work?
    What kind of work you do?
    Do you read Magazines? And one more related to same.
    What kind/type of magazines related to Young and Old read? Why?
    Did you read magazines or comics in your childhood?
    Describe a work of art that you really like.
    – What it looks like
    – Where you first saw it
    – Why you like it
    More general follow up questions related to Art.
    Different kind of arts?
    Young vs. Old views related to Art?
    Government role in Art?
    I observed that the examiner from IDP was in rush during the entire speaking test. She kept on giving same expression throughout the test as if she was a robot. Maybe it was close to lunch time and she wants to finish as early as possible.

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