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    Hello All,
    Module: Academic
    Location: Bangalore, India
    Speaking test: 28th June
    Part 1:
    What’s your name?
    Where are you from?
    What do you do?
    What inspired you to take that particular profession?
    How was your first day at college?
    What type of places do you often visit and why?
    In the future what sort of place would you like to visit?
    Part 2:
    All about street shopping
    What do you think about street shopping?
    What do you generally buy from street markets?
    Why do you go to street markets?
    Part 3:
    Questions related to shopping itself
    Do you like shopping alone?
    Why do people prefer shopping with other people?
    Why do people buy luxurious goods? Does it give them happiness?
    Why do people buy goods that they don’t even use?
    Is consumerism really bringing about positive changes in today’s society?
    LRW: 30th June
    Writing test
    Task 1: A graph showing the number and purpose of trips made by men and women of a certain European country in 2007
    Task 2: Using animals for medicine testing
    Some people are for it while some are against
    Discuss both the views and write your opinion.

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