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    IELTS Speaking GT: 29 June 2018, Bangalore India.
    Part 1:
    Full name, how can i call you.
    Where are you from.
    Work or study.
    Do u like to make friends at office
    About gifting:
    When do people usually gift each other in your country
    Is the trend changing
    What is the gift u got recently
    Was there any gift u disliked, if so what and why
    Part 2:
    Describe an unusual meal you had
    —When did you have it
    —With whom did you have
    — how did you like it
    Connected question: Do you want to try it again
    Part 3:
    What varieties of food are available in your country
    Are international foods popular in your region
    How food trends are varying in households
    Do you see a great revamp hapening
    How does transportation affect food delivery internationally
    How does science and technology impact food
    Hopeful for a 7+. Tomorrow is the LRW test. Gearing up

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