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    I was busy at work hence the delay.
    Exam Date: 03/06/2017
    Module: Academic
    Location: Bangalore, India
    Part 1: 1. Full name
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Do you work or are you a student? – Ans: I work for a civil design consultancy in Bangalore
    4. Do you often extend beyond the regular working hours? – Ans: Yes I do. We deal with Middle East and North American clients and hence in order to have an overlap of timings for interaction we extend regularly.
    5. What do you after office hours? Do you meet friends? – Ans: Usually after office hours we get back home. get fresh and prepare dinner ourselves. We do catch up with friends after office and have a cup of tea and spend time talking about lives.
    Part 2: An event from history which you remember the most? Why is it important for you?
    What is the event? When did it happen? Who all are involved?
    Ans: I would like to describe an event of prior (Incorrectly spelled, immediately corrected it saying sheer) importance from history. It is the Independence of India. It is of utmost importance not just to me but to the entire population of the country.
    It has happened on the 15th of August 1947. The event is of much importance as the entire nation united together to see the downfall of the colonial establishment by the British. Eminent people across the country were involved in the event. ( I have stopped here, it was 1min 10sec and the examiner wanted me to continue talking) – Will this reduce my score?
    The particular event which i am more connected to, by reading books and online articles, is the whole episode of events that happened a night before the 15th. It was the day when Pakistan got its independence. There was power tussle at the apex level on who should become the Prime Minister of India (2 mins was over by then and i was stopped)
    Part 3: 1. How important it is to know the history? Ans: It is of utmost importance to know where we came from and what we people went through
    2. How do you think people learn history? Ans: We get to know history from an younger age through academic books. Governments fix curriculum of schools and institutes through boards that monitor these organizations
    3. Do you think only books are the source? Ans: Books are the basic sources of information. One can always access internet and refer to specific event and its details that is of interest to them
    4. What do historical museums contain? Ans: Museums possess literature and articles of the that time. Like swords, utensils etc used during the period in question.
    5. Should the entry into museums be made free to public? Ans: No. Immediate question was why not ? – Ans: Anything given free of cost would inculcate misbehavior in public and leads taking it for granted situation.
    6. How much should they be charged? Ans: Any minimal token amount like 50rs or 100rs would be fine.
    ——End of Speaking ————

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