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    Type: Academic
    Date: Feb 1, 2018
    Location: IDP Bandung – Indonesia
    T1 Table about percentage of population in a town riding bicycle in june 2010, gender and age group wise.
    T2 Scientic research should be carried out and controlled by government, rather than by private companies.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?
    Do you need any training for your works?
    Do you still need more training in the future?
    Do you like staying at home or going outside (I prefer staying at home, because I feel comfortable by being at home)
    Did you also like to stay at home when you’re younger?
    What activities do you usually do at home?
    How many hours do you spend at home usually?
    Do you comfortable chatting with your friend by mobile phone?
    Who is your best friends?
    A well known businessman/woman in your country
    – When, where you know him/her
    – what do you like about him/her
    – what business core does s/he do for his/her business
    [Although I read this topic in this website some minutes before the test, I am really bad in topics related with business/economy. So, in my introduction I clearly stated that I was not well aware about business, but I had heard somewhere about a business advisor called XX. And I answered the rest questions regarding to him. Was that OK?]
    After speaking for some minutes, the speaker asking following question:
    – does he is still active doing his business?
    – do you think other people also like him
    T3 [I dont know whether the speaker intentionally asking about business topics after I had statement that I wasnt well aware about it, sigh!]
    – what business do the youngs do nowadays?
    – do they get a lot of money by doing it?
    – which one is more succesfull: starting business by learning or by theory?
    – do people in you country do their business hard? [I was silent for a moment, coz I dont really know what to answer. And I was stating it-that I dont really know the exact answer. Then I continued with some things that crossed in my mind. #sad]
    – can science and business go together?
    As we can see that the topics were similar to previous comments. I was so comfortable that in the first task I only answered the questions like I was having conversation with my friends. I just realised in some questions I only answered them shortly.
    So, I guess it was blessing in disguise that I got questions about business in the 3rd task. I answered my question with a little bit of intro, then stating my opinion and giving some examples. I was afraid that I did not state my answers clearly.
    That’s all!

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