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    Hi everybody!
    05 October 2017
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    Section 1: a call to a toy library (school, Saturday, 8.15, 96, family, work, clean, fixing, star and a number)
    Section 2: someone was talking to new employers (orientation) –> multi-answer questions
    Section 3: 2 students’ discussion about business failures –> multi-answer questions
    Section 4: Type of plastics and their applications (film, gas, furniture, tray, insulation, fabric, flexible, friction, medical)
    1. history of children’s literature in the UK
    2. Baobab trees in Madagascar
    3. VEP technology for developing ‘sense of place’
    Task 1 : estimated population of whales before 1500 based on historic records, genetics and population now which are categorised by three types (North Atlantic Humpbeck, North Atlantic Fin, Eastern Gray whales.
    Task 2: People get news from the Internet instead of reading newspapers or watching TV shows. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

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