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    I had my CBT Ielts general test today 30/07/2019,
    Writing Task 1: You had just missed a friend’s part, write a letter apologising and stating reasons why you couldn’t attend the party. Ask how fun it was.

    Writing Task 2: With the recent improvements to internet, people can leave views or opinions on certain goods or services they have purchased. Is it a good or a bad thing, discuss both, giving your own answer with examples.

    Speaking Part
    Do you work or study
    How do you travel to work
    Would you like to experience another meaning of transportation to work?
    Do you like pets, what was a pet you had when you were a child.
    Do you think people in your country like to own pets?
    Do you have free time, how do you spend your free day, how do people spend their free day
    What are the causes of people not having free time, how does it affect their family etc
    The Computer delivered test is very much okay, thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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