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    Hi everyone reading this, I gave my test today, both speaking test and listening, reading and writing tests. Overall, I think I did good.
    Speaking went ok. Listening and reading was superb. I was worried about writing but it was great.

    Coming to the speaking test, first round went smooth (around 5:30 mins). The examiner was a sweet lady and we talked about TEA AND COFFEE. In the second round, a very common, tiny word messed up my speaking. And the word is …’NEW’… I did go prepared all the topics from recent IELTS exams. The topic I got was “A NEW PUBLIC BUILDING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO VISIT” and “new” made this round a little bad. I just could not come up with any “new” building. So I had to make my own story and my story was not good. However, the third round was better and I think I did well here.

    Ok, coming to the L,R,W test. I think I’ll get around 8 in both reading and listening because I completed both fast and checked my responses.

    Writing test was better than I expected. I was left with 5 minutes at the end to even go through my report and essay. The topics are:
    Task 1: bar graph that showed comparison of boys and girls who were involved in some physical activities. ( This was simple )
    Task 2: The best way to deal with the rising problem of traffic and transportation is by encouraging people to live in cities rather than in suburbs and in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion. ( I don’t think this is an opinion essay. They used the word opinion to confuse me, right???) I disagreed and gave relevant examples.

    And that’s it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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