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    Hi again!
    Today was my LRW, the level was quite easy.
    Listening— section 1- fill in d blanks , phone conversation for repair service—very easy
    Section 2 – short mcq— and other half part was to choose any 5 points wht writer has said
    Section 3 full of long sentenced mcq-moderate
    Section 4– talk abt a new type of paint ,one word, —easiest section
    Reading— i found it very easy ..all the sections were out of any complications, even I completed the whole reading 15mints earlier.
    Writing—task 1-your local newspaper is going to held a competition where one person who has done the most to help local community will be awarded. Letter to editor –
    -name and describe abt the person u think could win this competition
    -How u know this person
    -how he has helped the community
    Task 2- In many countries,people have more health problems because they choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle .
    -Why u think people are living in unhealthy way?
    -what can be done about this problem?
    Hope this will help many people who r going to take exam soon
    Best wishes.

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