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    Test mode: General
    Date: 06/30/18
    Location: Austin, TX
    Writing module
    Task 1: Write a letter to the manager explaining about an accident happened to your friend last week in the theatre and how member of staff helped you.
    You should mention,
    * What was the accident
    * Suggest what can be done to prevent those kind of accidents
    Task 2: Some people say that individual should take care of their environment. Others say that government are responsible.
    Dicuss both views and give your opinion.
    Speaking module
    Part 1: Do you work or study?
    What were your responsibilities?
    Did you interact with your team mates?
    Do you prefer writing?
    Did you write in childhood?
    Do you think your writings will change in future?
    Do you read newspapers?
    Do any member of your family read newspapers?
    Part 2: Talk about something that you have learned outside your school or college
    Part 3: What do children learn from their parents?
    How adults benefit from parenting, cooking and finances?
    Did Internet affect the way we memorize words?
    My husband also gave the test today.
    Part 1: Do you work or study?
    What were your responsibilities?
    Why did you choose this job?
    How was your first day at work?
    What was your recent ideal holiday?
    Do vacation need planning?
    Where would you go for your next vacation?
    Is time important in your culture/country?
    Part 2: Talk about the website that you frequently visit
    Part 3: How do you use Internet?
    What is the role of Internet in education?
    Do you think Internet replace public libraries in future?

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