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    General Training Test
    Test Date: 30/06/2018
    Test Center: University of Auckland, New Zealand

    Part 1:
    Where do you there?
    Is it far from here?
    Why do you live there?
    Do you like the place you live?
    Do you use a smartphone?
    What apps do you usually use? Why?
    What are apps popular in your country?
    Why do people use them?
    Is there any app you would like to have?
    Part 2:
    Describe a public place that you visit and think there is a room for improvement.
    Where is it?
    Why do you go there?
    What needs to be improved?
    Do you think the government would do it?
    Part 3:
    What are the differences between living in a city and countryside?
    Why do people have to travel a long distance to work?
    Why do people who live in an apartment in a city often do not know each other?
    What should the government do to improve this trend in apartments?
    Why do people living in a city often feel lonely?
    Should the government create more jobs in the countryside?
    In the future, people will live in a megacity, is it positive or negative? Why?

    Part 1: Magazine Photo Reprint Service
    Part 2&3: Students discussion on a project about motorbike
    Part 4: The history of the telescope

    Part 1: Checking used car before buying
    Part 2: Tips and service charge in restaurants
    Part 3: New Paid Holiday Policy in the EU
    Part 4: Rescue Endangered Bird in New Zealand

    Part 1: You are working for a company. Write a letter to your boss to propose a training course you want to attend.
    What is the training course?
    Why do you think this course is helpful to you?
    Propose your suitable time to attend the training
    Part 2: The cultures of many countries around the world becomes more similar than they used to be.
    What are the reasons for this trend?
    Is it positive or negative?

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