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    Hello everyone!
    Date: 26/04/2018
    Module: Academic
    Venue: Astana, Kazakhstan
    Writing Task 1: Bar charts with the number of female and male pupils who studied different subject in one school in 1995 and 2010
    Writing Task 2: The key to solving the environmental problems is for the present generation to sacrifice their convenient life for the sake of future generations.
    Part 1: Where do you live? Is there anything interesting to see in your hometown? Do you use dictionaries? Do you think a dictionary will make a good present? How many hours of sleep do you usually get? Do you think napping during the day is a good idea? Do you agree that elder people need more sleep than younger people?
    Part 2: Describe an important event in your life which you celebrated
    Part 3: Do you think it is important to celebrate events? What are the main events in people’s life? Do you think it is better to watch an international event that is happening in a different country online or be present at the event? Do they contribute to the understanding between cultures and how?
    Section 1: Enrolling to evening courses
    Section 2: A festival map
    Section 3: Discussing courses at an art college
    Section 1: Coelophysis dinosaur
    Section 2: Seeing under the sea
    Section: Something about technology at work places
    The last two sections in Reading were extremely long and difficult.

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