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    speaking test ,
    9th DEC , Assuit city , Egypt :
    part 1 :
    *do u work or study ?
    *do you recevive any kind of training ?
    * does it often rain in your area or place ?
    * do you like rain ?
    *why people use computers ?
    do u depend on computers ?
    part 2 : cue card
    describe a piece of furniture at your home :
    * what is it ?
    * how did you get it ?
    * how do you feel about it ?
    part 3 :
    some question about your taste designing ?
    * what skills should a good designer have *?
    i have aquestion regarding the cue card :
    i was un familliar with this topic , so i started to answer the questios of the cue card and the i shifted to speak generally about decoration at house and but i managed to speak for 2 min , but i fell that i did not answer all the questions of the cuecard , does this affect my score ?

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