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    Today I appeared for speaking module.
    Anand, Gujarat, India.
    British Council.
    Part 1.
    Since how long you have been living in your hometown?
    What’s the best part of it?
    How do you spend time with your family at home?
    What time of the day you usually spend with your family? What activities do you do?
    What was best time of your childhood?
    How was your first day in High School?
    Cue Card
    An occasion when you taught something to your friends or relatives. (I said i read a book and i shared msg of it with my relatives)
    Part 3.
    To whom you usually teach?
    What are the skills a good teacher should have?
    What are the skill, take long time to lean?
    Why does it take long?
    Why is it difficult and takes a long time to lean a foreign language.?
    Is it practically or theoretically, what is best to explain things?
    Do you think schools practice more practical ways to teach students?
    What are the things youngsters can teach to elderly people?

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