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    Hi ,
    I would like to share my experience
    Module : General
    Location : Algiers ALGERIA
    Date : 11-11-17
    part 1 name work meeting old friends
    part 2 shool rule that have to follow agree or disagree what when why … etc
    part 3 question about rule at work and discipline … etc
    good quality sound same level as cambridge book
    also same thing as cambridge book
    task 1
    letter to your friend ask for recipe because you will organize a party
    tell him about the party
    ask for recipe
    invite him
    task 2
    lots of important things in life are free and can not be bought
    agree or disagree ?
    I believe that the most important enemy in ielts exam is the time
    the one who can manage his time effectively will have a good a score
    the other thing is to not get stuck in one question for long time
    leave it to the end and if you’re not sure guess it
    It will be great to get your feedback about my task2 structure
    Intro paraphrase give opinion ( i agree that important things are free )
    para 1 ( some things that we can bougnt with money car houses travel )
    para 2 ( the important things that we can’t buy with money friend family )
    conclusion ( paraphrase restate my view )
    Thanks again prompt recovery .
    Warm wishes.

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