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    I am posting my today’s speaking questions. Exam centre: Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India.
    1)Do you study or job?
    2)In your job, what is your responsibility?
    3)Why you decided to do job in that field?
    4)How often you use map?
    5)Do you prefer electronic map or paper map?
    6)Did you ask for local people for direction to find a place.
    Cue Card:
    Describe a experience when you needed to buy from street market
    =>Where it was?
    =>What you bought?
    =>How you feel after it?
    Part 3:
    7) Afterwards have you visited that market again?
    8)What are other places for buying things in your country?
    9)Why some people prefer to buy from small shop instead of big markets?
    10)Do you think it is good value for money if big markets give some items at discount price?
    11)Do you prefer go for shopping alone or in group?
    12)Why some people like to buy some expensive brand’s items?
    13)Why branded items are costly?

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