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    Speaking Test
    23rd January 2018, Ahmedabad, IDP
    [ Words are not exactly same, but the meaning is same ]
    Full name?
    Where do you live?
    How long you have been staying here?
    What do you like about the city?
    Family and activities:
    Which activities were you used to do with your family on holidays when you were child?
    How did you spend time with your family at hone when you’re younger?
    Do you spend the time with your family today in the same way?
    What holiday location you’d like to go with your family in future?
    Do you like when it’s raining?
    Does it rain much where you live?
    Does rain affects people’s behaviour?
    Part2 Cue card: Talk about the time when you’re pleased that you had a cellphone with you?
    who were with you,
    why you were pleased to have cellphone at that time?
    Follow up question: Do you always keep your cellphone with you?
    What do you think people use the mobile for the most?
    Is there any difference how people of different age groups use the mobile phones?
    Social networking:
    What are the advantages of using social networking sites?
    [ I talked about how people can connect with each other using it- so, examiner asked me that that’s why we use these sites, but what are the advantages? then i again talked about socialising, i could not think off any other advantages of it.. ]
    Are social networking sites used for connecting with relatives and friends only or also to connect with unknown people? (this was kind of a hint, I agreed and while trying to talk about an example related to this, examiner stopped me and it was the end of the test. )
    All the best

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