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    Hi All,
    I had my General Test for L/R/W on 30 September in Ahmedabad, India.
    For Writing Task 1:
    Last year you went to another city for job. Write a letter to your friend informing that you are returning to your hometown to live again.
    1. Why are you leaving your current job?
    2. What work will you do after reaching hometown?
    3. Inform your friend that when and where you would like to meet after reaching home town.
    Task 2:
    Many schools are now replacing sports and exercise classes with academic subjects.
    What is your opinion on this?
    How this will affect children’s lives?
    This particular essay is already available in British Council’s Practice test book. It is framed in a different way.
    In Speaking, which was on 1 October, below were the questions:
    Part 1:
    What work do you do?
    Which is the best part in your job?
    Would you be willing to do the same work in future?
    and couple of more questions
    Part 2:
    Describe the good new that you received last
    What was the good news
    Who gave you the good news
    How did you get the good news
    Then a question on the same.
    Part 3:
    Do people in your country share the good news?
    How do they share the good news?
    Why don’t some people share the good news?
    Is it important to know about the international news?
    What is more important – international or national news?
    Why should people know more about international news?
    What impact does the international news in medical and technology fields have?
    C Modi

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