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    I had a speaking test on 13-Feb-2018. LRW was done on 10-Feb-2018.
    Module : General Training
    Speaking Date: 13-Feb-2018
    Location : Ahmedabad, India
    Speaking Test Details:
    1. What is your name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Where do you live in your country?
    4. Why do you like your city?
    5. How do you go to your workplace?
    6. What do you do when you are traveling to your workplace?
    7. Did you find any difficulties reaching here?
    Part – 2
    Describe a successful businessman from your country you admire
    (don’t remember the sub-points)
    Part – 3
    1. Would you like to become a businessman like him?
    2. What qualities does a person need to become successful in business?
    3. What kind of business younger people do in your country today?
    4. In past, what kind of business younger people were doing in your country?
    All in all, it’s a good test. I have given the answer to all the questions without hesitation or a pause except 2 seconds pause in once question.
    The whole speaking test just took 9-10 minutes. I heard that common speaking test time is something between 12-15 minutes. So is it ok? Also, the examiner stopped me in part 2 after speaking for only a minute and a couple of seconds, is it fine or she stopped me because I didn’t speak properly?

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