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    Hi All,
    Unfotunately i did badly in my listening test today, forget to adds “s” to some nouns in S4, i wonder it is that ok?e.g,high temperature(s), oven(s)
    Test center: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Types: LRW
    1. listening
    s1; about phone talks tatiff
    s2: information guided tour
    s3: one student wanna withdraw statistics course, and related discussions
    s4. cements
    P1:explore the reason why a flood happened in Gevena one hundred years ago
    P2:spot some rare animals
    P3:the criteria of selecting talents
    T1: maps comparing two historic sites in different periods
    T2:should women join police and military force? discuss both and your view
    i haven’t take the speaking exam, overall, listening s1 and s2 a little bit difficult, i made many unnecessary mistakes and may get score 7 or even under, the reading was easy part except for the P3,which took me about 25minutes. writing was an unexpected one, i did not prepare on maps, hope i did not many many mistakes.

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