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    I had my speaking test(Academic) today In Abuja, Nigeria. The examiner was very friendly and the test was quite easy.
    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What kind of house would you love to live in the future?
    Do you like sunshine?
    What do you do on a sunny day?
    Where would you prefer to live, a place with high or low sunshine?
    Do people use solar energy in your country?
    How often do people use email in your country?
    Do you often send emails?
    Do you think the use of email will increase or not in the future?
    Part 2
    Talk about an interesting conversation you had with someone you did not know
    Who was the person
    What was your discussion
    Why was it interesting to you
    Part 3
    Questions about telling strangers your problems and questions on social media.

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