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    I did my GT ielts test on 29 July2017
    The location was Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
    Listening test
    Section 1. A reserve / park famous for poppies.
    Section 2. About a global travel service to provide career for graduates.
    Section 3. Two students discussed their courses at the university.
    Section 4. Three different senses that animals use for hunting.
    Reading passage was referring to airport parking
    Another reading passage about car insurance.,
    Reading passage about the Loch Ness monster
    Task 1
    You have seen an advertisement asking for volunteers to do unpaid jobs in sports event which will be held in the city next month. Write a letter to tell them:
    – why do you want to become a volunteer?
    – what jobs can you do?
    – ask some questions about the event.
    Task 2
    Many parents are unhappy because of increasing amount of violence in their children by computer games, TV programs, and other leisure activities.
    what harms the violent leisure programs can result for children?
    what are the solutions for this problem?
    Speaking ( Cant Remember everything )
    Part 1
    General introduction about you name
    about friends:
    do u prefer one best friend or many friends?
    what do u do with ur friends?
    how much time do u spend with them?
    Do you wear watches ?
    Where are you from ?
    Do you want to go home ?
    Why you like home ?
    Part 2 , Speak about plan you want to do in future .
    Why you want to do it?
    What you need to do in order to make it happen?
    What you will do after you do it ?
    Part 3
    Do you plan every thing?
    Do you plan for every single day?
    Do you think planning is important?
    Do you think government should make plan for the education?

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