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    Hi all,
    i have taken my IELTS exams on 6th Jan 2018 in IDP Abu dhabi. my cue card was
    something like:
    describe the achievement for which somebody praised you.
    what was that achievement? and who praised it etc (i cant recall exact words)
    part 3 questions were about encouragement, why you think kids should be encouraged. what do you think how important is public recognition to somebody? public figure you adore for his achievement and what are his achievements. etc
    my IELTS Writing part2 was
    in major cities more people are living in large apartment blocks. does it have more advantages of more disadvantages?
    i got confused in the meaning of large apartment blocks and I took the meaning as apartments with large space and so my writing was based on that. I mentioned all the advantages of living in an apartment with bigger space. will I lose marks on this?

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