IELTS Exam – Sydney – August 21, 2017

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    Hi Everyone
    My exam was in 19th of AUG 2017
    Task 1 : two bar charts show tha amount of free adult time spent in activities between 2008 and 2010
    Task 2 : cities are built from centuries ago and it was suitable for living back then
    problems & solutions
    Part 1 : About me , where do I live, ads.
    Part 2 : a place you went and it was crowded?
    Part 3 : about places that are croded what should you do to inhance it?
    and so on all about places and towns that are crowded
    A question if I may ask……. I thin I din’t understand he writing part 2 question but I’ve wrote about old buildings that can’t be lived and the area that been evacuated due to this and that in this areas will spread diseases because of the evacuation.
    the solutions I gave were 1. make it historical 2. reconstruction
    is this right??
    thank you and many regards.

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