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    Speaking Exam on 10 Oct 2017 (Sharjah, UAE), General Training.
    part 1:
    whats your name?
    where are you from?
    what’s interesting in your city?
    which business is most common in your country?
    do you remember your teenage?
    what do teenagers in your country mostly do?
    do teenagers like fashion in your city?
    Did you ever travel by boat?
    Part 2:
    Topic: Tell about a Businessman you admire.
    whats the name?
    What has he done?
    Why do you admire him?
    Part 3:
    which business is most common in your country?
    what age do people start business?
    Who works harder? a beginner or a banker?
    I am a hearing-impaired person. My test center has my medical record and they also informed the examiner before he started my exam. However, I felt, the examiner was least bothered to repeat the question or help me( he must have thought I am bluffing). I read his lips throughout the exam but 2 or 3 questions I had to ask him to repeat. Does that affect my score? should he have mentioned about my medical issue in the recording with test center, candidate number, name etc? How can the recording listening examiner know about my hearing impairment?

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