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    I wrote the LRW portion of the GT module on August 3rd, and had the speaking section on August 6th, in Pune, India.
    A conversation between a real estate agent and a potential customer | students’ research on moa bird | evolution of bicycles.
    Cannot recall what the second section was about.
    Drawing a blank about reading topics, although I recall vaguely something about a fire (workplace hazards) prevention, and matching toy descriptions to toy characteristics… and more
    Topic 1: Letter to a friend explaining photographs you lost of a recent holiday with him/her, and why one of those photos was important (and which one — describe)
    Topic 2: Give reasons for your opinion on why littering in cities and villages is an increasingly common problem; its consequences and solutions to curb the problem
    Part1: place of residence | an important historical figure (you admire/i.e. your role model) | history, in general | any historical place I’ve visited | if I like history (I don’t!); why or why not | why is history important (or not) | describe a good neighbor you know well
    Part 2: favorite TV show | why you like it, actors, etc.
    Follow-up question – would you recommend the show to anyone
    Unfortunately, I got carried away talking about a show that I really like and I forgot to mention the actors in the show. Before I knew it, the examiner interrupted me (felt much shorter than the 2-minute limit though!) with the “follow-up”. Just hoping I don’t get too heavily penalized for it.
    Part 3: what kind of TV shows do people in your country watch | are there differences in preferences for TV shows that children and adults watch | what role do stories play in our lives; why are they important | differences between stories for adults and kids; what do they mean to people | difference between “written” stories and those that are played out on the screen
    The last question was a bit funky because when I asked for an elaboration on the question to make sure I understood it correctly, I was just read the question back from the “prompt”.

    I had an Indian examiner for the speaking test, so when I talked about some examples of historical persons, I assumed that the examiner would know about those and spoke accordingly. I didn’t think it was necessary to give context of who the person is/was given the examiner’s own ethnicity/background. While I don’t think it would be an issue, what are your thoughts? I hope I don’t have to take the test again,but it would be good to get an opinion in case the results are out-of-whack.
    Personal opinion:
    Unlike what I have seen on Youtube or read elsewhere, the Speaking test did NOT feel like a conversation. Rather it was more of a stultifying interview, with questions coming straight out of a script — which is fine, but it still should feel more conversational…
    …just some thoughts that no one asked for!

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