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    General Test
    Date: August 19, 2017
    Place: Montgomery, AL – USA
    1. Conversation between 2 persons – related to a resort booking
    2. Discussion between a reporter and a manager of a company – related to a new initiative to promote bicycle usage from company
    3. Discussion about Coral and sea inhabitats
    1. Multiple paragraphs about an event (various things to do in event for kigs, adults and timing of each events, which event offer food sampling etc. ) – Q1-Q20
    2. Car Pooling – Q21 – Q30
    3. History about a Canadian stampede – Q31-Q40
    1. Letter writing – Write a letter to airlines manager to let them know that you have left an item in the airlines that you traveled. Let manager know
    a) Details about your journey?
    b) What and how you lost this?
    c) What do you want him to do next?
    2. Essay – Some people argue that making new friends thorugh socail networking sites or internet chats is good whereas others say meeting friends face-to-face is better.
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Finally give your opinion.
    Part 1 Introduction:
    1. What’s your name?
    2. What do you do? Work or job?
    3. Whether you like to continue to be in this field?
    4. What time in a day you like most?
    5. What time in a day you hate most and why?
    6. Do you read magazines?
    7. What kind of magazines you usually read?
    Part 2 Task card:
    Explain the a statue or a creative art (ex. a painting) that you have seen
    1. Where and when you have seen this?
    2. Why do like that?
    Part 3:
    1. Have you done any art work? Explain?
    2. Why do you think art is an important thing is life?
    3. Does government need to support such things?
    4. Do you think art can be used for publicity by governement?
    5. What do you look at when you see a painting?
    6. Does people always think the way you think? – Question based on my answer to Q4
    7. What do you think the difference between a painting and an incomplete object? (I had to ask interviewer to repeat this)
    Repeated the question – what do you see a painting compared against a scrap object?

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