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    Hi All,
    please find below the IELTS topics for the academic test (August 12th, 2017 in London):
    – Listening:
    1) Telephone conversation between a lady and a letting agent; arranging a day to view a rental house.
    2) A fire warden gives a list of important tasks to his team about the safety measures of a building.
    3) A conversation between two students about their school project (types of birds).
    4) A presentation about an exotic tree.
    – Reading:
    1) The history of chocolate
    2) How the ancient Egyptians transfer large pieces of stones from one place to the other.
    3) A discussion about giving ‘human rights’ to the great apes.
    – Writing:
    A) Task 1: Analysis and comparison of 3 pie charts which displayed a number of different types of academic courses and their popularity among the students.
    B) Task 2: A discussion essay about the increasing number of children who tend to eat junk food. Some claim that school should educate children about the effects of junk food in their health but some others believe that education starts at home. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
    – Speaking:
    1) First part: general questions about yourself (origin, work/studies, things you do on your free time, friends, i.e. do we need more than 1 best friend and why, what do you usually do with your friends, dreams, i.e. how often do your remember your dreams, do you believe they have a meaning, would you like to learn more about the dream interpretation).
    2) Second part: 1-2 minutes talk about a pleasant day in the country side.
    3) Third part: a few more questions about the life in the country side (comparison with the past, i.e. has it changed, what type of people are better suited with a life in the country side, comparison between the city and country life).
    Good luck to everyone who is getting ready for his/her exams!

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