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    Date of test: 8th sept [speaking test]
    9th sept [written tests]
    Test Venue: LAGOS, NIGERIA
    PART 1: Describe your hometown?
    Where do you live presently?
    How long have you lived there for?
    What do you like about where you live?
    Do you still keep your secondary
    school friends? Give reasons
    What do enjoy doing with your friends?
    Do you use computer @work or for study
    Did you computer as a child?Give reasons
    PART 2:Describe a car journey you recently.
    had. You should say:
    How long it took? Who were you with?
    Why you went on the journey?
    Describe your experience?
    PART 3: Will you still travel again to that place
    What industries do you think need
    drivers the most?
    What qualities make a good driver?
    Should driving be part of secondary.
    school education?
    Do you think other means of transport.
    would be better than cars?
    Adv and Disadv of vehicles powered by.
    fossil fuels?
    Future of vehicles.
    TASK 1: A line graph of the average working hours per week of workers in an European country in 1998-2004 and a table illustrating the average number of days of paid holiday from 1998 to 2004.
    TASK 2: Some people believe children should be punished for crimes committed. Others feel their parents be punished instead. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    The exam wasn’t bad at all. Hoping for the best.

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