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    Complete IELTS exam
    6th January
    Listening module:-
    Section 1:- women talking to a men of an employment company
    Section 2:- *can’t able to remember*
    Section 3:- 2 friends talking about their project which they are going to prepare soon. (There were 6 mcqs and 4 matching question…mcqs were competitively easy)
    Section 4:- a professor giving a lecture on a purse
    Ps:- Listening module was very easy, same as given in Cambridge practice books
    Section 1:- 6 different types of linguistics method by harder
    (vocabulary was used in each of the 13 questions)
    Section 2:- a passage about spider silk
    ( Most easiest passage)
    Section 3:- a passage about persuasion
    (Hardest one and vocabulary used in this passage was the toughest one)
    Task 1:- line chart about number of marriages and divorces take place in United kingdom from 1950 to 2000
    Task 2:- Humans tend to copy one another, especially in fashion, choice of clothes and consumer goods.
    What extent do you agree or disagree?
    Part 1:-
    1. Do you work or study ?
    2. What type of job is most secure in nearest future ?
    3. What kind of job you want to have when you were a child ?
    4. Does your opinion about type of job you want to have as children is changed or not ?
    5. How often do you make friends ?
    6. Is it necessary to have friends on your work place or where you study ? Why ?
    Part 2:-
    q-card topic:-
    Describe a popular person you know
    1 follow up question:- is it good to be popular ?
    Part 3:-
    Only few questions about popularity

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