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    I appeared for IELTS on 28 july and speaking was on 1st August.. My experience of Speaking part :
    Part 1
    Good evening! Please have a seat. But I said after you.
    She said about herself in recorder and then started with it.
    What is your name?
    May I have your identification please?
    Do you work or study?
    What are your job responsibilities?
    Do you wear watch?
    Do you like being punctual?
    What if someone makes you wait?

    Part 2
    Cue card was favourite comic actor
    Although my throat was drying and was almost gone blank of ideas, she act as saviour for me by asking do you like any other comic actor . Thus she saved me somehow.

    Part 3 was amazing , I had a great discussion with her. It was on celebrities , should they be paid more, why they are paid huge amount. Lastly she asked what children do to entertain themselves. I gave example of my daughter. At that moment She abruptly picked the recorder and said thats the end of speaking session.
    After putting the recorder down she showed me thumbs-up …. That was the most relieving moment for me. As I could figure out that I have been able to impress her. Thanks to almighty for blessing me.

    For Writing section:
    I focused on the structure of essay and one idea per passage and developed that idea with reasons and examples. And in conclusion gave my opinion with complex structure. I guess that paid off.

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